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- Men's Rights Activists are swarming twitter, attacking the story of The Fall.  A biblical account of how sin entered the world through the first humans - Adam and Eve - they use the hashtag #GodHatesMen, claiming that this Judeo-Christian belief is misandrist by putting blame of sinfulness on the male species.

A few tweets from the protest

"The Church holds Adam responsible for ruining the world.  I mean, really?!  Adam was forced to pay the price for something Eve did.  He's totally innocent!" one activist told FNN journalists.

"Men already have to live in a society that views them as murders and rapists.  We don't need some matriarchal religion also telling our boys are evil as well!" his friend added.

However, Father Robert Barron - a popular Catholic theologian - says otherwise.

"The Fall is far from a misandrist account.  Both Adam and Eve chose to eat from the forbidden fruit, and both were punished for it.  He may have been held responsible, but the fault was not put squarely on his shoulders." Fr. Barron explains.

"He watched as his wife at from the tree, doing nothing to stop her.  And she in turn committed the act and convinced Adam into eating the forbidden fruit with her.  This shows are married couples are to look out for one another, to help one another become holy.  Adam and Eve both failed at this when they disobeyed God together."

Still, MRAs find issue with the biblical view on marriage, as men are expected to submit to their wives as selfless, self-sacrificial leaders on their woman's behalf.  Just two months ago, a similar MRA hashtag, #CutTheBallAndChain, protested against this very ideology.  Both twitter parties site the Christian view of marriage as misandrist and harmful to the societal status of men.

"Men can not find true freedom if they are expected to be carrying so much weight in a relationship." explained one facebook post.  "Men shouldn't have to be strong for women or be expected to own up to fatherhood if they don't want to."
Farce News Network: The Fall Misandrist claim MRAs


I have a few people commenting on this as if this were real news.  It's not.  I made this to point out how no sex is bullied while the other gets a free card.  In other words, I am educating the masses on the truth of Christian faith via parody.

Continue on.

Can you tell I like smart ass parodies?

Anyway, I came up with this yesterday when traveling home from out of state.  I was lulling on the fact how radical feminists think the Bible is sexist towards women, and wondered what it would be like if MRAs felt the same, thinking it was misandrist.  This poorly written mess is the result.

Also, is there a parody option in the category section?

Enjoy. :P


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I am a busy momma now, so I can not be as active as I used to be. I will update with new stuff from time to time though, I just have to work with the baby's schedule. ;)

I like to do theological research concerning my faith and I like sharing what I learn or find; sometimes I may write for issues that are supported in my faith, but I use more secular arguments. I also make stamps or comics as well, and sometimes I make religious art.

Yes, these are touchy subjects and many people will disagree with me, or even find it offensive. But hey, I never said you had to say I was right; I am only here to show what I believe is truth and to encourage others to do more research. The more we learn, the less ignorant we become. :)

Also, I like to om nom food responsibly.

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